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Lenovo ThinkVision E20-30 19.5 Inch HD+ TN LED HDMI VGA Monitor

Lenovo ThinkVision E20-30 19.5 Inch HD+ TN LED HDMI VGA Monitor
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Lenovo ThinkVision E20-30 19.5 Inch HD+ TN LED HDMI VGA Monitor
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Lenovo ThinkVision E20-30 19.5-inch WLED HD+ Monitor

The ThinkVision E20-30 Monitor comes with a 1600x900 resolution screen to ensure that the colors on the screen remain true. The monitor's TUV Low Blue Light and TUV Flicker Free certifications shield your eyes from harmful blue light, significantly decrease visual fatigue, and minimize screen flicker. Thanks to the monitor, the job is stress-free. In today's offices, it's crucial to feel at ease and connected while working. And the ThinkVision E20-30 Monitor is designed specifically to assist that. The stylish and practical design of this 19.5-inch TN panel monitor is perfect for the productivity-driven business worker. The material is shown in vivid colors with accurate light and shade effects using a 72% NTSC color gamut and 250 nits of brightness. Speaking of comfort, it also includes a completely adjustable and perfectly ergonomic tilt stand. With its VESA Mount, you can mount the monitor exactly as you want, making work genuinely stress-free. It enables smooth communication and is furnished with both VGA and HDMI ports. The ThinkVision E20-30 is an intelligent, cozy monitor that helps you stay on top of all your tasks.

Optimal screen dynamics

The ThinkVision E20-30 Monitor's 19.5-inch TN panel is thin, light, and power-efficient. The screen's 1600 x 900 resolution provides outstanding viewing performance for films, games, and even workplace presentations. Because of its wide 16:9 aspect ratio, this monitor is ideal for your contemporary video material. The 72% NTSC color gamut, 250 nits monitor provides you with bright, clear visuals and a comfortable viewing experience indoors.

Comfortable Viewing

The ThinkVision E20-30 Monitor's TÜV Low Blue Light-certified technology guards your eyes against damaging blue light and ensures that your screen time is comfortable and without strain. Additionally, it has TÜV Flicker Free-certified technology, which reduces screen flicker and improves user experience, making it a pleasant workplace monitor. The ThinkVision E20-30 Monitor offers great image quality with a reaction time of up to 2ms and little to no image ghosting.

constant connections

The ThinkVision E20-30 Monitors include both VGA and HDMI ports, making it simple to connect the monitor to your computer or laptop. A VESA Mount is another feature of the monitor that offers you the flexibility to install it however you see fit. Your comfort and productivity are considerably increased by all of this. Additionally, you have the greatest ergonomics and may adjust the monitor for your comfort thanks to its completely adjustable tilt stand. The Lenovo ThinkVision E20-30 19.5" Monitor comes with a 03-Year warranty.

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